Josie Natori

Josie Natori is the founder and CEO of the world famous company, “THE NATORI COMPANY”. Josie Natori is a well-known Filipino fashion designer. She started this company in 1977 and has made it one of the most popular names in fashion industry.

The Natori Company offers many products such as lingerie, sleepwear, loungewear, underwear, along with ready to wear clothes-dresses, tops and bottoms-offering high end fashion to women. It has never been the Natori way to sacrifice style to make clothes with more comfort. Her clothes fit you; they are stylish and leave you with an aura of confidence. With Natori, you can’t go wrong.

Recently, The Natori Company has debuted in fragrance- Natori Perfume- which has international distributors. Just like the other products launched by Josie Natori, the fragrance won’t let you down. Along with women clothing and fragrances, Josie Natori also sells world class home furnishing.

 Josie Natori

The Natori Company has also in making men’s loungewear, baby wear and bridal dresses. Josie Natori is leaving no field untouched by her unique and ultra-stylish style.  Now, women and men both can find confidence in wearing Natori brand with the rare combination of style and comfort.

Following the more the merrier idea, Josie has introduced new range of bikinis, one piece swimsuit and cover-ups. You get to go to the beach with Natori style. Her bikinis and one piece swimsuit are eye-catching and make all heads snap to you.

The Natori Company has collaborated with departmental store Target and has been themed- “East Meets West”- it is a collection of limited edition lingerie and loungewear. It’s target’s first such collaboration with an aim to make the die for Natori collection available to a larger number of people. With this collaboration, Josie Natori is making her products available at outlets other than high end departmental stores in U.S.

The Company has recently expanded its product category by offering perfumes under its brand name, for this the company has signed global perfume license deal with a fragrance company Parlux fragrances. The perfume was launched in 2009, and is planned to be given international exposure to seek its trend and follow up in global market.

The  Josie Natori company also showcased a new line in fashion wears as Natorious, the line represents ready to wear clothings in 2008. The Josie Natori company also hosts many fashion show to showcase their latest designs and other lines. The fashion house has its own fashion designers branding for its line of wears.

The Company started with clothing line offering products such as lingerie, sleepwear, loungewear, underwear, along with ready to wear clothes-dresses, tops and bottoms has successfully developed now into offering more products on its catalogues, the other products available under the brand are Shoes, bags, and fragrances. The company offers many promotional red-carpet parties featuring celebrities and seasonal fashion shows.

Josie Natori Company is a big name in fashion industry now and is established in various fields of jeweler, shoes, clothing lines, perfume, and bags. The brand sells and ships ts products for the worldwide market and has its franchise all over the globe.


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